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documenta fifteen


Power To The Commons! is an ongoing collaborative project developed through a collaboration of arts initiatives in Latin America and Africa within Arts Collaboratory. The project is an explorative one, seeking ways of practicing the commons within artistic forms, but also understanding the specificities of… Leer más »POWER TO THE COMMONS

Intercommons Power Object

Pandemic time, the construction of the first devices to listen, reflect and observe other species. 2020, 2021 have been two years of exploration from antennas, portals and interdimensional accelerators, devices installed in a nearby forest, the prominence of rocks, plants, lichen, fungi and micro-organisms. Devices… Leer más »Intercommons Power Object

Plato en los medios

Aquí hablamos de nuestro proyecto en la comuna 9 y de nuestra participación en AC School dentro documenta fifteen,

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