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Matinée, children transforming their lives through art and love.

You are essential to us and our ability to build a different future for our lives; one that is not predetermined by our surroundings.

The Matinee has become our safe space, we are children between 5 and 13 years old. We come from two neighborhoods in Medellín where we experience constant violence. Our health and growth are greatly affected in these problematic environments.

Let us tell you a bit more about our beloved Matinee. Every Saturday we meet to attend workshops in which, through art and psychosocial support, we learn skills and techniques that help us relate to each other. A space where we are and we feel as protagonists, and our voices are always heard. We are able to build and participate in activities according to our desires, allowing us to develop ways in which we can transform our realities.

Your contributions will allow more than 150 children to attend the Matinee for a whole year. The yearly program consists of more than 24 workshops and an awesome field trip, where we create, share food and games, and learn and live together in a safe space.

Your donation is 100% secure and goes, in its entirety, to the children attending the Matinée program.

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